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Brisbane and Byron Bay Tour

August 11 – August 19

Swamiji during Satsang in Brisbane Meditation

Join Swami Shankarananda and Devi Ma for their upcoming tour held in Byron Bay and Brisbane. The tour will begin in Byron Bay on Saturday August 11 with satsang with Swamiji, an uplifting evening of chanting, meditation and a talk from Swamiji on spirituality, meditation and consciousness. The Byron visit will culminate on Sunday August 12 with an all-day meditation Intensive with Shaktipat awakening.


We will then continue on to Brisbane for a mini-retreat held from August 16-19. The non-residential retreat will host several programs, including one evening program with Swamiji and two Shiva Process Self-inquiry sessions with Devi Ma, held at our Brisbane Center. There will be satsang on Saturday 18, and a final Intensive with Shaktipat awakening on Sunday August 19, held at a separate venue.


We invite you to join us for as many of these programs as possible, and absorb the grace, wisdom and teachings of Swamiji and the great beings and traditions. Come and have darshan with us in Byron Bay and Brisbane!

Next Retreat to be announced soon!

ashram garden pond meditation retreat

The Ashram is a powerful and transformative place where we learn to love ourselves and share that love with everyone. Be with Swamiji, Devi Ma and fellow seekers during our 9 day Shiva Process Retreat and Training, meditating, chanting, and connecting with the Shakti. Learn the foundations of the Shiva Process method of Self-inquiry. 


Receive formal initiation into the tradition of Siddhas and awaken to your true Self. Shaktipat is a spiritual transmission from Guru to seeker that sets the mind on a course toward peace, love and wisdom.


Prepare for your Awakening by joining us for our Shiva Process Retreat. Dive deep at the Meditation Intensive with Shaktipat, where Swamiji will give the awakening that enlivens meditation and revolutionises the spiritual life.

Meditation Intensive with Shaktipat Awakening

Sunday August 12 (Byron Bay) and Sunday August 19 (Brisbane)

Over 40 years ago Baba Muktananda instructed Swamiji in the method of Shaktipat awakening and told him to hold Intensives. Since then Swamiji has been holding this important program regularly and has awakened thousands of seekers.


Shaktipat, or Kundalini awakening, is a transmission of God’s grace from teacher to seeker. When grace enters an open heart and mind, true understanding and love of the Self awakens. Shaktipat is fundamental for knowing and becoming established in the Self.


Whether you are taking your first or your fiftieth Intensive, the experience will deepen your understanding and your spiritual practice.

Peacock feathers symbolising Intensive at Sri Nityananda Ashram

Ganeshpuri India Retreat – January 2019

Experience wisdom, divine love, spiritual bliss and the transformative power of the Shakti or spiritual energy, under the guidance of Swami Shankarananda (Swamiji) and Swami Bhairavi Ananda Saraswati (Devi Ma), in the sacred lands of Ganeshpuri, India.


Ganeshpuri, a small village about 80km north of Mumbai, is reputed to be a spiritual centre and powerful place to do sadhana, spiritual practice and to meditate. It is home to the samadhi, or temple of the great yogi and sage Bhagavan Nityananda. Swamiji says the Shakti  or spiritual energy in and around the village is palpable, all pervasive and immensely uplifting.


Swamiji experienced the most profound and transformative three years of his life in the 70s, living and studying at the feet of his own Guru, Baba Muktanana at his ashram in Ganeshpuri. Baba initiated him with the instruction to hold retreats and intensives.


The Ganeshpuri 2019 retreat offers time and a dedicated space away from the distractions of day to day life to learn from a renowned spiritual teacher. It is perfect for those seeking to awaken and connect to the living force of Shakti, and to explore spiritual wisdom and inner solutions in life, in a village filled with the spiritual energy of a great lineage of Siddhas.


Awaken to the inner Shakti with a spiritual master who has been guiding people for over 40 years.


‘Get ready for transformation, wisdom, divine love and spiritual bliss’ and join the Ganeshpuri Pilgrimage in 2019.


Learn to Meditate Course

Available individually or small private groups

Swami Shankarananda Sri Nityananda Ashram Mount Eliza

Take the Essential first step in Meditation

This course is designed to bring the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient yogis into the modern age with techniques that are practical and accessible for your daily life.

 Four Techniques:

The key to meditation is finding what works for you. In each session you will learn a new technique, providing you with a range of practices to choose from. These include:

  • Guided chakra meditation (with accompanying CD)
  • Mantra meditation (a phrase that focuses the mind)
  • Breath mantra: joining the mind with the breath
  • Being Present and mindful—witnessing thoughts and feelings as they arise
The Sri Nityananda Ashram now has several podcasts, including Swami Shankarananda's Satsang talks and Self-inquiry tracks!