Self Inquiry Satsangs – Short Course

Swami Shankarananda

We invite you to join us for the Shiva Process Short Course with Swamiji!


Shiva Process Self-Inquiry is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and transformation. Swamiji has been asked many times to speak about it. Now, these three lectures constitute a rare opportunity to hear his perspective on the method he developed with Devi Ma’s help. Even if you have no knowledge of Shiva Process, the techniques you will learn in these lectures will give you deep insight and understanding into the workings of your mind and emotions.


The Shiva Process not only benefits your spiritual practice, but also your worldly life.  Coming to all three lectures would be of the greatest benefit, but even if you can attend only one, you’re sure to get something from it. The course will be streamed live through our online broadcast at for those unable to make it in person.


Saturday 21 April
Saturday 26 May
Saturday 23 June


6:00pm Vegetarian Indian Dinner
7:00pm Arati
7:30pm Satsang

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    Full Satsang program with Self-Inquiry short course

  • Dinner from 6pm

    Vegetarian Meal

Swamiji’s short course will lead up to the Shiva Process Retreat and Training, which will be held from July 7th – 15th 2018.
The Sri Nityananda Ashram now has several podcasts, including Swami Shankarananda's Satsang talks and Self-inquiry tracks!