Hatha Yoga

When you walk through the gates of the Ashram you enter a sacred space which carries the energy of yoga from India. On the yoga mat, each inhalation will connect you to something deeper as the body stretches, and the mind calms. It doesn’t matter how old you think you are, or how unfit you think you are, the art of yoga will rejuvenate you.


Hatha yoga is known for its many benefits, from reducing tension and anxiety, to improving agility and generating physical vitality. Hatha yoga unites yogic postures (asana) with the breath. Regular practice calms the mind, releases tension and helps to connect with positive emotional states of peace and happiness.


Yoga is becoming more and more recognised by the medical community as a powerful aid in achieving overall well-being. Studies have shown that a regular hatha yoga practice can significantly decrease negative thought patterns and improve physical and emotional wellness.


Join us at the Ashram for one of our weekly rejuvenating, healing and uplifting yoga classes held by our qualified hatha yoga teachers. Classes run weekly, and follow the Victorian school term calendar, therefore yoga classes do not run during school holidays.

Yoga Sri Nityananda Ashram

Yoga Classes

Restorative Yoga

Monday 6pm

Deep supportive poses to release tension and energise the body. A gentle, meditative and nurturing class, to bring a peaceful and balanced start to your week.

Classes do not run during school holidays.

  • Restorative Yoga

    Monday 6pm-7pm

    $20 ($17 conc.)
  • 10 yoga class pass

    $180 ($150 conc.)

General Hatha Yoga

Saturday 10am

Classic hatha yoga poses, working on gently improving core strength, flexibility and balance, all by moving the body with awareness and with the breath. Get in touch with the clear space of good feeling within, by rejuvenating your mind, body and soul at our weekly Saturday morning yoga class.

Classes do not run during school holidays.

  • General Hatha Yoga

    Saturday 10am-11am

    $18 ($15 conc.)
  • 10 yoga class pass

    $180 ($150 conc.)
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