Weekly Programs

Weekly Satsang With Swami Shankarananda

Swami Shankarananda

Satsang is the high point of the week at the Ashram and is a festive and vibrant event.  It’s the perfect program to attend if it’s your first time visiting the Ashram, or are new to meditation or spirituality. Even if you’re an avid spiritual practitioner, satsang is the ideal way to visit the Ashram for the first time and see what it’s all about. Satsang means ‘to keep the company of Truth’. Coming together to be in Swamiji’s company, we hear the teachings of the inner Self and the great beings.


Satsang includes a talk from Swamiji and darshan which is a chance to meet him and Devi Ma in person. Darshan is translated as ‘to be seen by’ and is a moment of contact with the Guru, which is really a moment of contact with our own Self. There is also meditation and chanting, an uplifting yogic practice to still the mind and open the heart.


You are also welcome join us for a delicious vegetarian dinner at 6.00pm for $10 and arati at 7.00pm, a devotional practice involving chanting and the waving of lights.


Saturday Nights from 7.30pm $10

Shiva Process


Shiva Sri Nityananda Ashram Mount Eliza

In Self-inquiry we use a series of questions to invoke the profound wisdom of the inner Self. We look directly at inner blocks and tension that cause us distress and separate us from peace, happiness and insight. Once seen and acknowledged, you can learn how to undo them.



In the Study Group Swamiji leads a discussion of selected texts and scriptures. The chosen texts are always interesting and relevant to one’s spiritual practice. They are drawn from many sources, both East and West. Deepen your understanding of the inner process.

Morning Programs:

Guru Gita & Meditation

Chanting and meditation are essential to sustain a connection with the inner Self. The sacred text, the Guru Gita, is chanted on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Baba Muktananda called this ‘the one indispensable text’.

On other mornings, the meditation cave is open for use.


Yoga at Ashram

Hatha yoga is known for its many benefits, from reducing tension and anxiety, to improving agility and generating physical vitality. Yoga is recognised in the medical community as a powerful approach to overall well-being.

  • Shiva Process Self-Inquiry

    Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm

    $25 ($20 conc.)
  • Study Group

    Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm

  • Guru Gita

    Tuesday and Saturday mornings 7.30am

  • Yoga Classes

    See the yoga schedule

    $18 ($15 conc.)
The Sri Nityananda Ashram now has several podcasts, including Swami Shankarananda's Satsang talks and Self-inquiry tracks!