Weekend Meditation Retreat

Friday 11th – Sunday 13th October 2019

Shakti is love, joy, wisdom, peace, upliftment; it is the nectar of life. Shakti is also the upward shift of energy that tells us we are moving in the right direction. By drawing on texts from Kashmir Shaivism, Guruji will share his understanding of Shakti and the spanda principle. In addition, he will demonstrate methods by which we can expand and uplift our personal experience of spiritual energy.

Devi Ma’s morning programs on Shiva Process Self-inquiry are the perfect accompaniment to Guruji’s evening talks. The Shiva Process is a method of meditation that Guruji developed with Devi Ma’s assistance, by which we engage our awareness to effectively remove blocks in the areas of career, relationship, heath and spirituality. Devi Ma’s profound understanding of this process work will help participants to shift blocks in their inner world, and as a result allow Shakti and divine grace to flow into all areas of their life.

The retreat will run from 5pm on Friday  the 11th of October, and end on Sunday the 13th of October. The retreat schedule provides the perfect environment for real spiritual practice, or sadhana, and transformation.


For example, the daily schedule may include:

  • Seva or selfless service.
  • Evening programs with Guruji.
  • Morning programs with Devi Ma.
  • You can open your heart and chant at our kirtan workshops.
  • Hatha yoga classes.
  • Practice Shiva Process self-inquiry.
  • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The retreat culminates in the Meditation Intensive. In this program, Guruji gives Shaktipat, also known as Kundalini Awakening. The meditation retreat prepares us for the Intensive, which runs on Sunday 13 October from 10am to 5:30pm.


You can register for the Kundalini Awakening Meditation Intensive online. Learn more.

There are many options available to attend the retreat. Not only can you stay at The Ashram residentially,  you can also attend the morning sessions or the evening sessions individually; drop in for a yoga class or come to the Intensive on Sunday.


Call us now on 03 9775 2568 to secure your place!

Come visit the Sri Nityananda Ashram. See our contact page for details. Are you overseas? Watch Satsang Online!

  • Full retreat with accommodation

    Includes 2 nights overnight accommodation, all programs, meals and Intensive. Please note accommodation maybe shared.

    $445 / $355 Conc.
  • Full weekend without accommodation

    Commences 5pm Friday 11th – Sunday 13th October Includes all programs, meals, satsang & Intensive

    $350 / $275 conc.
  • Evening programs

    Per lecture

    $38 / $32 conc.
  • Morning programs

    Per lecture

    $27 / $22 conc.
  • Intensive with Shaktipat

    Includes lunch and afternoon tea

    $205 / $170 conc.
Sri Nityananda Ashram Retreat
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