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Everyone must deal with obstacles and disappointments in life. Even if we are able to achieve our outer goals – money, relationship, success and honour – we may still not feel content. To attain a clear space of good feeling within, it is important that we start to understand our inner world.


Shiva Process uses a series of questions to uncover inner blocks. When we learn to skillfully navigate our inner world, we are able to free ourselves from these blocks and unleash creativity, inspiration, love, wisdom and powerful expression.


During the Shiva Process Retreat and Training you will learn the basics of Shiva Process Self-inquiry. You will learn how to process yourself and those close to you.


The Shiva Process method of Self-inquiry asks and answers questions like:


  • What is really going on inside of me?
  • What emotion is it that I feel?
  • What caused it?
  • Do I need to take an action to resolve this?
  • What understanding do I need to release any contraction I have discovered?
  • What is the highest and most empowering perspective I can take?


During the retreat you will get the opportunity to have private Shiva Process sessions with one of our experienced facilitators, as well as have training in small pods and groups. Guruji will be giving insightful evening talks on the intricacies of Shiva Process, and Devi Ma will guide us into meditative bliss in her day programs.


There is also hatha yoga, kirtan and chanting workshops, and the chance to do seva, or selfless service around the ashram. There will be satsang  and darshan with Guruji on Saturday nights, and the Intensive with Shaktipat on Sunday.


There are many options for the retreat. You can come and stay residentially, join us for the day programs, attend the evening programs, or come to the Intensive on Sunday.

We hold a week-long retreat each January and 3 shorter retreats during the year.

Please note: as accommodation spaces are limited, a non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure your space. Please call to book for the retreat on (03) 9775 2568.

Come visit the Sri Nityananda Ashram. See our contact page for details. Are you overseas? Watch Satsang Online!

Next Retreat
  • Full retreat with accommodation for 9 days and 8 nights TBC

    Includes overnight accommodation, all programs, meals and Intensive. Please note accommodation maybe shared

  • Full retreat days only

    Includes all programs, meals and Intensive

  • Individual days only

    Includes day program, lunch, dinner and evening program

  • Day programs

    Per lecture

  • Evening programs

    All 8 nights

  • Evening programs

    Per lecture

  • Intensive with Shaktipat

    Includes lunch and afternoon tea

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